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First there was the Keurig® coffee machine, then it became the classic series. then you go to update your machine with the latest model and you get confused because there are so many models to choose from. Some of them don’t accept the pods you’re used to using. What do you do? What’s Keurig 2.0 about? What is the Keurig Plus Series? Confused? Well read on as I clear it up for you…

The Keurig® 2.0 coffee machines are part of what’s called the plus series from Keurig.

Keurig® Plus Series coffee machines incorporate the very same interactive technology as Keurig® 2.0 machines, with some distinctions. Because Keurig are dedicated to continually developing their product offerings based on consumer feedback, they have actually added a variety of improvements to their designs in the Plus Series.What's Keurig 2.0 About?

Among these improvements are a larger range of brew size options, a temperature level control function, and preferred brew settings.

The Plus Series machines give you a choice of a cup, mug, or carafe with K-Cup®, K-Mug®, and K-Carafe® pods. They have several adjustable settings, including strength control options and size options from 4 oz up to 30 oz. These machines consist of the following models: K200/K250, K425/K475, and K525/K575.

Keurig® Carafes have been specially developed to brew K-Carafe pods in the Keurig 2.0 and Plus Series machines. They are not compatible with other (older) models.

The Keurig® Classic Series machines are the original K-Cup pod machines and they are not compatible with K-Mug or K-Carafe pods, nor with the Keurig Carafe.

What about Pods?

K-Carafe pods were developed specifically for the Keurig® 2.0 and Plus Series coffee machines. These pods contain approximately 26 grams of fresh coffee and brew around four cups of coffee (approximately 30oz.).

For these pods, you would use the Keurig Carafe.  Carafe pods, mug pods or single cup pods can all vary in the number of ounces or grams depending on which flavor or coffee grind they contain.

Carafe pods can be brewed on 3 settings, 2 to 3 cups (22 ounces), 3 to 4 cups (26 ounces), or 4 to 5 cups (30 ounces).

The maximum Carafe setting is up to 4 or 5 cups (as much as 30 ounces). The carafe itself holds up to 32 ounces.

K-Mug pods were specifically developed to provide a larger mug size coffee while still offering the quality and strength of taste that Keurig users expect. All Plus Series machines allow you to make 12oz, 14oz, or 16oz with K-Mug pods.

K525/K575 makers go even further and allow you make an 18oz coffee with a K-Mug pod. K-Mug pods are for those that like a large coffee but don’t need a whole carafe.

Like your coffee hot?

Specific machines within the Plus Series (K425, K475 and K525, K575 models) have the capability to change the temperature level of your drinks.

You can choose from temperatures between 182°F (low) and 192°F (high) for the K-Cup pods, between 187°F (low) and 197°F (high) for the K-Mug, Vue® and K-Carafe pods.

For K200 and K250 makers, the temperature level is immediately maximized based on the type of pod you have inserted.

A word on Filters

The My K-Cup® filter accessory (the original one) is compatible with the Classic Series brewers, including the K15, and the K50, K55.

It is also compatible with the original K-Cup machines, consisting of the K10 MINI Plus brewer, K40, K45 Elite makers, K60, K65 Special Edition & Signature makers, and also K70/K75 Platinum makers.

The My K-Cup® 2.0 Plus Series filter is compatible with the Plus Series and Keurig 2.0 machines, including the K200, K250, K300, K350, K400, K450, K425, K475, K500, K550, and K525/K575.

What Pods Can You Use?

In order to make a decent cup, mug, or carafe of coffee every time, your Plus Series or Keurig 2.0 coffee machine needs to “read” the K-Cup, Vue, Mug or Carafe pod that has been inserted.

Keurig 2.0

Keurig By 喜多俊之 (喜多俊之デザイン研究所)
25th April 2016

Make sure you look for the Keurig® logo design on your favorite pod ranges to be sure they will work with your machine.

The Keurig machines scans the top of the pods inserted and recognize whether they are K-Cup, Vue, K-Mug or K-Carafe pods that have actually been inserted. If you use pods not made by Keurig there is no guarantee they will work, unfortunately.

Keurig does look to build new relationships on an ongoing basis to further broaden the brand names and drinks that can be offered in the Keurig system.

The key differences between the classic and plus series brewing systems:

In summary, the Keurig Classic Series coffee machines are the original coffee makers that utilized the K-Cup and can make a single cup at a time.

They only work with the K-Cup pods and they only have 3 K-Cup pod drink sizes (6, 8 and 10oz drinks). The Classic Series machines are easy to use, fast and make coffee making a breeze.

Alternatively, the Keurig Plus Series and Keurig 2.0 machines are compatible with the K-Cup, Mug and Carafe pods, so sizes of drinks can vary from a 4oz cup to a 30oz carafe.

They have touch adjustable settings and an option for strength control to brew a more powerful cup of coffee if desired. These devices also include interactive innovation that checks out the lid on each pod to make sure the cup of coffee produced is perfect every time.

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14 thoughts on “What’s Keurig 2.0 About?

  • MarieAnne Linda Cooke

    Sweet. I was wondering if I should do the switch around. I am going to need a new coffee maker soon. I am liking all you have written about the plus series with the carafe. I bookmarked your page….I will be back. Thanks

  • Von

    Can I have it in black, please? This machine is a must have for coffee drinkers like me.

    Where can I buy it? Do you recommend an online store? And how much do they usually cost?

    • admin

      Yes there are certainly lots of options of black in the Keurig range. Stay tuned for more specific info on best places to buy!

  • Wendy Mason

    I love my coffee and I found a lot of information. There are a lot of different types of Kuerig out there. I had the 2.0 and I didn’t like it, It is like you said somethings the K-Cups don’t fit but the box says that they will. When I ran into the problem I went and got the one that is a coffee brewer and you can do K-Cups. The K-Cup side comes in great in the very early morning or at night. Thank you for listing what pods work best in which machine though I don’t really use it but I know that the info will come in handy for those who do.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Wendy! Sorry you had issues with your pods, it can be so annoying but I suppose like anything it’s just finding the right coffee machine for you!

  • Andrei

    Great article! It contains lot of valuable information. I think that this is the right coffee machine for me. Can you tell what is the range of price? Thank you for your article and I am looking forward for your answer!

  • Brandon

    Thanks for letting us know about the Keurig 2.0. I had no idea what this coffee machine was about, but after reading your article, all my questions and concerns have already been answered! I’m glad that some of these specific machines can change the temperature, I love my coffee hot. What caught my eye the most though, was the fact that it can actually read or scan what sort of mug you’re using. Wow, technology eh! Great job on the article 🙂