The Best Coffee Machine For Office Use

There are a lot of options for office coffee machines. Maybe that’s too obvious a statement and, of course, it could be what brought you here…welcome! So you want to know the best coffee machine for office use, well read on and find out…

So what criteria are important when choosing the right coffee machine for the office?

Price is, of course, important and you’ll have a budget in mind.

Quality is important as you’ll want your office machine to withstand a good deal of use day in day out and last many years.

Other important factors you need to consider would be speed and of course good coffee!Best coffee machine for office

I looked at a good number of suitable office machines with these criteria in mind and have decided what I think are the best coffee machines for office use. I hope this list helps with your decision and I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to leave me a comment!

Best Machines for Office Use

  1. KEURIG K155 COMMERICAL BREWING SYSTEM – Fabulous looking, great quality, hard wearing coffee machine. Makes amazing coffee too!
  2. GAGGIA ANIMA COFFEE AND ESPRESSO MAKER – Super dooper machine with a manual frother. This one will last and your employees will love it. Makes fab coffee and is speedy!

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