Drip Coffee Makers

So what are drip coffee makers and do you need one? I’ve put together a quick and easy article telling you what drip coffee makers are, some drip coffee maker reviews and why you need one so keep reading to find out!

The first thing you need to know is that there are both automated drip coffee machines and manual ones. The most common type of coffee maker readily available is the automated drip coffee maker. A standard 10 cup automatic drip coffee maker will cost a lot less than the espresso machines which are popular these days.


How do Drip Coffee Machines Work?


Drip coffee makers work by adding water into the water tank, adding a coffee filter, then putting coffee grounds into the filter. This ease of use is exactly what makes the automated drip coffee maker so popular.

drip coffee makers

Numerous automatic coffee makers feature a large variety of extra features. The most common feature is an automatic timer.

You can fill your coffee maker with water and coffee and then input what time you want your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee. When you wake up your coffee is ready to pour!

When you wake up your coffee is ready to pour!

This is useful for people who have to be up and out early each morning and don’t have time for more laborious coffee making techniques but still want their coffee first thing. It can be hard to get the motivation to prepare your coffee every morning and it is much easier to do it the night before.

Some machines will even reheat old pots or even link to a water supply so you don’t have to fill them and have lots of other features you might like.

Here’s a great video with some drip coffee machine reviews.


So where’s the best place to get your hands on a drip coffee machine?

There are numerous online stores and sites that specialize in automated or manual drip coffee makers so if you are comfortable shopping online, that may be an option.

You can buy coffee beans as well as your machine. There are often good coffee memberships you can join where you can get free samples of coffee, discounted coffee and be the first to hear about sales of their coffee machines if you need to upgrade your machine in the future.


Is the coffee you use important?

The coffee that you use in your automatic drip coffee machine is exactly what will make all the difference in taste so be sure to try out a few different brands until you find some you love.

If you don’t care about that and simply desire a cup of coffee, you can use any brand you like but be warned some coffees can be bitter and tangy and others can be rich and full of amazing flavors. I really think it’s a matter of taste so you should find what you like, that way you will enjoy your coffee so much more.

For those that have a specific love of coffee, they might attempt grinding their own beans. There are numerous types of coffee beans you can try out with your own grinder and your drip coffee maker. Grinding your own beans just means the flavor is fresher and stronger.

In summary, drip coffee makers may not be the most modern of machines (are they still a machine if they are manual?) but they do make very good coffee. Some would swear you get the very best flavor from drip coffee machines. What do you think?