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Where Are The Best Prices for Keurigs Online?

The best value overall online for Keurig coffee makers is

Benefits of Buying Online

Firstly, the most important thing to take from this article is that you can always save money by buying online. Sure, there may be sales in the shops near you and you’ll argue that you won’t find cheaper. Believe me when I say you will!

And I’m not only talking about the price of the item, although I do mean this too. However, you need to keep in mind that there are other savings you can make by shopping online. Fuel costs for one thing. Whenever you are shopping online, you can save yourself the amount being spent on petrol or diesel.

It is a lot more convenient to buy online, this keeps you from needing to visit the shops and spend money on coffees, snacks, something else that might catch your eye! So that’s fuel costs, refreshment costs and ‘extra’s’ if we can call them that! That’s a big saving already!Best Prices Keurig Coffee Maker

There is usually way more choice online also, the shops physically can’t hold all the stock available to them. As a consequence to this, you will often find the very latest models of products online when you won’t in the physical stores.

And there are so many more benefits I could go on and on!

Product comparisons are easier online. You can read other people’s opinions on products before you buy (reviews) online. You can do you research and see pictures of the products in different colors and in real life settings online. You can even drink tea while you look online!

Ok technically you can do this while you browse the shops too but you get my point!

By now you might have guessed that I am a big online shopper. So luckily for you I have done some research into the Keurig coffee makers and found the best places to buy them online.


Which Keurig is Cheapest?

From the Classic Series:

The best value from the Classic Series of Keurig coffee makers is the Keurig K15.

Price on Amazon: $49.99

From the Plus Series:

The best value from the Plus series of Keurig coffee makers is the Keurig K250.

Price on Amazon: $99.99

To learn more about the different types of Keurig coffee makers read my article here!

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4 thoughts on “Best Price Keurig Coffee Maker – Best Value Online!

  • Grace

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Keurig coffee maker and wasn’t sure what the best price is. I’m glad to see that Amazon has the best price. I will have to go check them out because I love shopping at Amazon already so this just makes sense.

    I will also check out your article about the different types to make sure I pick the right one. 🙂 Having a Keurig in our house would be nice to have.

  • Tim

    I love my Keurig coffee maker. I’ve owned a couple different ones over the past six years or so. It is an appliance that is used EVERY single day in my house whether its for my morning brew, a hot chocolate on a winter night or even used over ice for a summertime iced coffee! Great, now I’m craving a cup of my House Blend. What’s your favorite flavor or type of coffee?

  • John Rico

    Hey there! I found your article very informative and interesting to read. I’m planning to buy a keurig coffee maker for my mother. Her birthday is coming soon and I think that it’s much expensive to buy keurig at bestbuy or walmart. But sometimes I know that there’s sale ongoing and they’re gonna cut some price on it. The same with online sometimes the keurig coffeemaker is on original price and sometimes it’s on sale. I much prefer buying online because you can scout which place has the best price to buy it. Thank you for sharing this information.